The Character of the Coton de Tulear

The Character of the Coton de Tulear


The Coton de Tulear were developed as a breed to be companion dogs. These elegant small white dogs have the most endearing personality are unique from any other breed. They look like stuffed cuddly toys, but these small dogs are determined, untiring, and very willing to please.

The Coton is devoted to its owner, they will love you and your children as much, or more, than you love them. Coton’s are extremely good companions for children as long as the child is not too rough with them as puppies. The Coton is always ready to play a good game of catch me if you can, any ball games and even hide and seek.


I have know Cotons that do enjoy dressing up just as long as they get plenty of love and praise while doing it. In fact the Coton will eagerly follow the children on many adventures and yes even through puddles. They are willing to do anything just to please you.  Coton’s love to be with their owners at all times, they do not expect constant attention they are happy to sleep if you are busy just as long as they are near you. Within its family the Coton is a beautiful and spirited little dog.

They are elegant because of their beauty with charming, loving playful personalities. Cuddly, sensitive and intelligent, this nonetheless robust little dog is always ready to take you on a hike, agility tournament, or just a game of ball. The Coton is extremely intelligent alert openly affectionate, eager to please and very easy to train. They can make excellent obedience dogs.  Coton requires very little in the way of discipline, the worst punishment that you can do is to ignore them as they thrive on human contact.  Cotons are calm sturdy dogs most of whom enjoy the well-intentioned rough housing of children and other house hold pets (cats & dogs).

Coton’s are very slow to anger and do make one of the best pets for children, they are loyal to the whole family and enjoy playing games. Once a Coton has had enough of playing they will disappear and find somewhere quiet to relax usually where its comfortable.

Coton’s are hearty dogs that keep a puppy-like joy throughout their life, they like the heat in summer, but also enjoy a frolic in the snow. Some coton’s love water and enjoy a good swim or even paddles if they get the chance.

They are strictly an indoor dog.

At home Coton’s are very playful and clownish they can do many party tricks; they are very fond of walking on their hind legs, rolling over and jumping high landing into a sleeping position. They like to chase one another and grunt when they get excited.


It sounds like the grunt of a little pig. They can run very fast and jump extremely high but they are not overly active. If you require your coton to do lots of walking it would be happy to walk all day, but if you are unable to go for long walks the coton is also as happy in the back garden.

The breed like all breeds does have health problems. People looking to purchase a Coton should not only make sure the breeders health test their Cotons, but once the breeder gets the results of their health tests, they should breed accordingly. A very serious condition that can affect some Cotons is (IVDD) INTERVERTEBRAL DISC DISEASE . This condition costs in the region of £10k -£14K per operation and can cause paralysis and early death to your Coton. Its important to only buy from breeders who test and do not have this condition in their breeding lines. Like anything do your research before buying. Some Cotons can be extremely healthy and vigorous it all depends who you buy them from. A Coton will adapt to anyone’s life style either living in the country side or city. Cotons make the ideal choice if you live in a small house, content to spend most of the day lounging around, occasionally running around. The Coton can definitely fit into nearly everyone’s life style if you are willing to spend the time and energy training them.  Coton’s are a bundle of joy, and bring lots of smiles and laughter to everyone it’s no wonder they have earned the name the anti-stress dog.

The Coton’s favourite pass time is to be cuddled & stroked, and will lie with you all day just getting loved. In return they are loyal and affectionate. One of the greatest things about owning a coton is that when you come home they are always pleased to see you, it doesn't matter if you have been away for 10 minutes or even 3 hours your little Coton greets you with chortles, smiles, jumping up and dancing and all because they adore and love you so much. some Cotons bark others don't. It all depends on the dog and your training. They do have excellent hearing & will alert you if there is someone at the door or a stranger is prowling around. Coton’s are very cautious with strangers and it takes time to win their confidence. Once a Coton knows that a person is acceptable to its owners, they too, will generally accept a newcomer into the home. The attributes of a Coton de Tulear are healthy, clownish, happy, affectionate, compact size, easily trained, child friendly and loyal. This little white dog does make the perfect companion and friend.


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