CUKOTON - 5 * Kennel Club Assured Breeders 


All Cukoton puppies are home reared in our 4 bedroom home. The first 3 weeks are spent in our nursery with mum only and us. They have a clean cosy whelping box surrounded by a very large crated area which can be used for mum to sit, lay, eat, drink a little away from the puppies but close enough to check on them and care for them at all times. Mum also has access to a rocking chair & sitting area with a TV/Radio. The puppies are monitored constantly in their first few weeks of life. Either in person or via CCTV when we are busy. Weights are checked morning and evening for the first 2 weeks, then once a day after that.  At 2 weeks of age the puppies and mum will be wormed. 

Potential puppy owners can view their puppies via camera so they never miss out on the development of their Cukoton new additions.  



At 3 weeks old the puppies are brought down stairs to a very large puppy play pen area in the living room with mum. They begin to socialise within the dynamics of our house hold. The pups begin hearing new noises daily and meeting our other dogs too with a very protective mummy always watching them very closely.


The puppies weaning usually around 4 weeks but it always depends on the individual puppy. We start weaning with blended raw fillet steak, puppy mousse and mother and baby dry food soaked in puppy milk eventually going onto fresh fish & vegetables, beef & vegetables then Natures Menu puppy pouches and Royal Canin Mini puppy complete dry kibble. When collecting your puppy at 8 weeks you will get a puppy pack with food for your Coton puppy.

All puppies are individually socialised cuddled, handled and groomed daily from a very early age. We do puppy yoga which is the perfect way for the puppy to learn trust & bond with people. We also do sensory play, puzzles and plenty of stimulation. Toilet training starts at 4 weeks, however your puppy will not be fully house trained when you get your puppy at 8 weeks. We have a secure outside area of fake grass which is disinfected and clean. This has tunnels and play equipment for the puppies to run and play, weather permitting.

Potential owners/parents are encouraged to come and visit the puppies after 4 weeks. It must be stated that we do NOT work on the system that you pick your own puppy. The puppy which is most suited to your lifestyle and families requirements will be recommended to you.  A preference of boy or can be your choice when available.

Cukoton puppies visit the veterinary at 8 weeks having their first vaccinations DHP, Parvo & Lepto 2. They will also have a fully veterinarian check up and a letter for new owners stating observations,. Once the puppy has had its first vaccinations you are able to take your puppy home only if your vet does the 10 week lepto 2 NOT the ( Lepto 4) vaccination.

We encourage owners to collect their puppy between 8-9 weeks as this is the critical bonding stage. From 8-12 weeks a puppy will learn the most information within those weeks than any other period. This is also whom they bond with to learn And copy behaviou. We prefer for your puppy to bond & train with you and your home rather than us at this stage. We have found that a puppy settles much quicker into their new homes during these 8-9 weeks.








There is a waiting list for all Cukoton puppies. All potential owners MUST fill in a Cukoton questionaire prior to getting your puppy. To secure your puppy, a non refundable deposit of £500 must be paid 7 days after the birth announcement and the Cukoton breeders contract signed. This shows your commitment to us and your puppy. If there is a problem with your puppy your deposit will be returned immediately 


A Cukoton Puppy is a PET ONLY with breeding restrictions and these conditions are set forth within our contract. If you are planning to breed this MUST BE discussed prior to purchase as there is a significant additional charge for breedable dogs with extra conditions attached to the contract in order for the breeding restrictions to be REMOVED & will always up to the breeders discretion


Your puppy will have a full health test from the vet, microchip, worming, vaccinations, KC pedigree, a puppy pack on a usb stick to save paper, KC registration papers, free 4/5week kennel club agria pet insurance, copies of parent’s health certificates, weight and development chart,  whelping informatio, menu, food, toy, blanket, training aids and information that details all you need to know about the first few weeks of looking after your coton puppy and advice on future development. 


Puppies leave after their first injections at 8 weeks, but you must ask your vet if they do Canigen lepto 2 (NOT LEPTO 4 ) so that you can have the 2nd injections at your own vet. 8-12 weeks is the imprinting time and your puppy will learn probably the most in these weeks than any other time that year so we do like them to go to their new families so that bonding can take place with their new families rather than us.