Nilly litter later in 2024. Nilly is the first coloured Coton Cukoton have ever bred so we are very excited to see her first litter later in 2024. Nilly is 3 years old fully health tested and clear of all disorders that we can currently test for including IVDD. Nilly will be mated to a handsome Cukoton boy who is also fully health tested and clear of all disorders testable. These puppies will probably be born with colours and fabulous pigmentation. 2 puppies are already reserved they will be £3000 per puppy with breeding endorsement. 

Nilly as a puppy 


Cukoton are one of the rare breeders who offer owners a chance to test their puppy for over 206 DNA health conditions.  The results are sent directly from the laboratory. we want all owners to feel confident that we try our upmost to give you the most healthy and loving puppy possible. We are careful with breeding linage and understand the relevance of COI (Genetic Coefficient of inbreeding) and how important this is to breeding healthy well adjusted puppies. 

Cukoton puppies are NOT readily available. We do have a waiting list and sometimes this can mean a wait for your puppy, but they are truly worth waiting for. All parents are fully health DNA tested and clear of all the conditions that can affect the Coton de Tulear breed including IVDD Intervertebral Disc Disease. If an owner decides to have their puppy dna tested it will take 4-6 weeks and a specialised copy of the DNA health tests will be sent to your chosen veterinary so that they can have a record of what tests have been done. The owner also gets a copy of the DNA test results of their puppy directly from the laboratory, a copy of the mother and father test results are sent with every puppy.

We often hear 'I only want a pet so all this isn't relevant to me' Our reply is 'YES IT IS. Pet or show dog, a healthy, dna tested puppy saves a lot of money at the vets. Sometimes moré expensive puppies don't come with any health tests, so NO guarantee the parents or the puppy have EVER been tested at all. PLEASE DONT FALL FOR THE BREEDER PATTER OF CHAMPION LINAGE, ECT. LET THE HEALTH TESTS DO THE TALKING OR YOU WILL BE SORRY LATER. Remember people can say anything, and often do. The health tests need to come directly from the labratory to your email to be 100% sure your dog has been tested for IVDD . 

Our precious girls below:

Sky (Cukoton Skys the Limit), Kova (Don't Cry Daddy) Beebe (Cukoton Bewitched) Nilly (Cukoton Wigwambam)


Below: Beebe - CUKOTON BEWITCHED- The Mother of the Coton De Tulear Crufts winner 2023 Belle (Cukoton Kinky Boots)



Both parents have had all the 10 DNA health Disorder tests that can affect the Coton de Tulear and are FULLY CLEAR of all

Primary Hyperoxaluria (PH) 

BVA Eye Test (Yearly test) 

Von Willebrands Type 1 (VW1)

Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-prcd)

Primary Lens Luxation (PLL)

Degenerative Myelopathy (EXON 2)


Canine Multi-Focal Retinopathy TYPE 2 (CMR 2) 

Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) 

Chondrodysplasia (CDPA) with risk of Intervertebral Disk Disease IVDD

Neonatal Ataxia (NA)  


CUKOTON Coton puppies come with: A copy of mum & Dads health certificates, puppy owners manual on a usb stick due to the amount of paperwork, 4 weeks free KC health insurance, KC registration papers & KC Pedigree, 

Vaccinations given are:  Canigen DHP vaccine for distemper, hepatitis (canine adenovirus) canine parvovirus & Lepto 2 vaccine leptospirosis. (It is important you find a vet that also does Canigen vaccinations to continue the treatment allowing your puppy to be able to get outside at 11 weeks old.

Microchip, Wormed veterinary examination with signed health letter, parents DNA health tests. Puppy pack including Puppy guidance, weight charts, food and toys. worming record, training help, socialisation information Grooming, Diet and Menu's, Blanket, help support and lots more information. We also try to train your puppy basic recall using a whistle

Our puppies leave at the age of 8-9 weeks during the imprinting stage of their developmen. Between the ages of 8-12 weeks a puppy learns more than thy will during their first year of developmen. We want your puppy to imprint on you not us. 


If you are interested in reserving a CUKOTON puppy please email us including name, address, & contact number and tells us about you and your family. A further questionaire will be sent in order to vet all potential future owners. We do require a deposit to secure any puppies.

We will invite you to join our Cukoton Whats Ap Channel so you can see videos and live updates of our Cukoton Coton de Tulears

An arranged visit to our home is essential, to meet us & our dogs before any puppies are born. No puppies will be leaving without a potential owners being FULLY vetted