Will a Coton de Tulear Suit your Life Style

Will a Coton Suit Your Life Style


There are many questions that you must ask yourself before buying a Coton. A Coton can live up to 20 years, although 14-18 years is more common. A Coton needs attention and care throughout its life; this takes a lot of time and money. Owning a Coton is a long term commitment.


All potential Coton owners should take time to think about these questions before buying a Coton.

Why am you getting a Coton

Are you getting a Coton for yourself or for your children

Is the person responsible enough to own a Coton

Is your house able to comfortably accomodate a Coton

Have you got a garden to exercise your Coton in

Can I devote enough time to my Coton

Can I afford day to day expenses of feeding my Coton

Can you afford the veterinary fees when your Coton needs treatment?

Are the other member of your family in agreement with your decision to get a Coton

Are you allowed dogs where you live

What will happen to the dog if you are ill and need to go into hospital.

Who will look after your Coton when you go on holidays


What it takes to become a responsible Coton owner

Coton owners should ensure that the basic needs of the Coton such as feeding, housing, and time for grooming are satisfactory. A complete dry food diet with either tinned or freshly cooked meat is recommended. Clean fresh water must be provided at all times. Your Coton should have adequate bedding that is clean, dry and free from harmful objects or substances.

All Cotons thrive on human contact and attention from their owner. You should spend at least one to two hours a day with your Coton grooming him, cuddling him and playing with him. This does not include the time that you spend feeding him.

Your Coton should be allowed to exercise daily. A stroll around the block is fine a few days a week but your Coton will needs a good long walk once a week at the least. Taking your Coton for a walk will give both you and your dog exercise and also help you interact and become closer to your pet. Whenever you are in a public place with your Coton always ensure that your dog is on a lead and properly under control. Clean up after your dog when it defecates in a public place.

Always keep your Coton well groomed and free from external parasites, fleas and ticks.

Always take your Coton to the veterinarian for an annual checkup and their booster vaccination. Never delay in consulting your veterinarian if you’re Coton appears ill or is suffering from pain in any way.

There are many reasons why people give up their dogs or even worse abandon them. The most common reasons are:

No time to take care of the dog

Owner moving away

Dog has not been trained properly and is causing a nuisance around the house

To much work to groom and care for the dog

Dog is sick or old and has become a liability

Loss of interest in the dog now that it is no longer a puppy


So before buying your Coton consider all the aspects of ownership,